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Shika Town and Hakui City

Noto Kongo / Ganmon

These cliffs were carved by the stormy waters of the Sea of Japan over a long period of time. Massive, strangely shaped rocks can be seen everywhere.

Noto Kongo Pleasure Cruise
Address: Mi-20-Ko-1 Fukurako, Shika-machi, Hakui-gun
Phone: 0767-48-1233
Hours: On demand, from about 8:00 – 16:00 (Operates from April 1 – Mid-November)
Fare: 1,000 yen
Parking: 60 spaces
Access: About 25 minutes by car from the Noto Yuryo (Noto Toll Road) Nishiyama Interchange

■Art created by stormy seas
The Noto Kongo is an extensive length of dynamic coastline created by the eroding action of waves to produce picturesque scenery. Ganmon, located in the approximate center of this stretch of coastline, is a tunnel-like cave entrance whittled out by the waves. The tunnel is about 6m wide and 15m high, and viewing it from up close, one is overwhelmingly aware of the force of nature. Nearby are the 27m tall Takanosu Rock and Goban Island, where legend says the members of the Taira clan fled after their defeat. The representative scenery of Noto’s west coast, along with the actions of the waves, continues on.
To enjoy Noto Kongo even more, why not view the scenery from a pleasure boat? The trip lasts about 20 minutes, and you’ll be able to enter the cave at Ganmon, and to travel past and between other large rock formations – there are many activities that can only be experienced from a boat. One of the best views of the magnificent scenery is from a point on the water’s surface where you can see Japan’s oldest wooden lighthouse, the Fukuura Lighthouse, in the distance.


Chirihama Beach Driveway

An exhilarating drive on the beach

Location: Chirihama-machi, Hakui City

This driving course, rare for Japan, is on Chirihama Beach – a wide shallow beach that’s about 8 km long. You can drive your car right to the edge of the waves. The secret is in the fineness of the grains of sand. When these fine grains of sand are wet, the beach becomes hard enough to drive on. 
* The beach may be closed to traffic in stormy weather.


Michi no Eki Korogaki no Sato Shika

This roadside station contains shops that sell locally grown vegetables and rice, as well as facilities such as an onsen and footbath.

Address: 10 Aza Sueyoshi-shin-honmukai, Shika-machi, Hakui-gun, Ishikawa Prefecture
Phone: 0767-32-4831 (Michi no Eki Shunsai Kan)
Website: http://www.hrr.mlit.go.jp/road/miti_eki/each_folder/shika/shika.html
Hours / Closed: Differ according to the facility
Parking: Available
Access: About 5 minutes by car from the Noto Yuryo (Noto Toll Road) Nishiyama Interchange

This Michi no Eki is located on National Highway 249 in Hakui City, and is used by drivers and local residents as well. The reason for this is the full range of facilities available. Locally grown vegetables and rice, as well as processed goods and seafood are sold in the Michi no Eki Shunsai Kan, while the traditional culture of the surrounding area is explained in the Chiiki no Bunka Kan. Right next door are such facilities as Aqua Park Shi-On, where the dark reddish-brown water, slippery to the touch, gushes into the baths. Once you come here, you'll want to go back every day.
The free footbaths outside are always popular and crowded. They're roofed, so you can enjoy them safely in rain or snow. All you need is a towel to enjoy the onsen as often as you like.

* A Michi no Eki is...a rest area on a national highway that is registered with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. In addition to parking and restrooms, they contain stores that sell local specialty items, restaurants and other facilities, to make driving more fun.

Aqua Park Shi-On
 10:00 - 23:00 (Pool open until 22:00, food served from 11:00 - 23:00) Closed on the 3rd Tuesday of every month)

Michi no Eki Shunsai Kan
 9:00 - 18:30  (Until 18:00 from November to February) Closed Tuesdays

Chiiki no Bunka Kan
 10:00 - 17:00, Closed every 3rd Tuesday of the month


Kanon Kaffee

In this family café, nestled among quiet mountains, enjoy a taste of country life and locally produced food.

Address: Ka-54 Sugaike-machi, Hakui City
Phone: 0767-26-1128
Website: http://kanon-cafe.seesaa.net/
Hours: 11:30 - 17:30
Closed: Tuesdays and Sundays
Parking: 7 spaces
■Take a break in an old house near the woods
A large hook suspends a pot over a traditional Japanese hearth next to a Western-style sofa in the tatami room, while Western music plays in the background. Inside this 70-year-old house, Kanon Kaffee has created a comfortable space where people like to linger. Muto Ichiju and his wife Kaori run the café. He is a qualified coffee meister and junior vegetable and fruit meister (vegetable sommelier). The café is famous for its curry, which uses locally grown vegetables and rice, as well as for its coffee - the beans are self-roasted. The curry ingredients change with the seasons, with summer vegetables, bamboo shoots and pork & radish used as available, as well as an original spice mix.
Kaori-san is in charge of bread and sweets. She also uses many local ingredients to prepare such treats as baked pumpkin cheesecake. The owner's goal is to produce local food for local consumption. They rely on the knowledge of older people in the town to grow rice and vegetables.

The daily curry is limited to 20 servings. The A set, which comes with coffee, is 1,200 yen.
The daily curry is limited to 20 servings. The A set, which comes with coffee, is 1,200 yen.
  Baked pumpkin cheesecake is 400 yen. The type of cake changes daily.
Baked pumpkin cheesecake is 400 yen. The type of cake changes daily.